Recent FAQ

What are the powerful functionalities that come with Pocket Trips Corporate and School Access Accounts?

A user-friendly Admin Panel that includes the following functionalities:

- User management (Manage user accounts within individual organization for purpose of Trail design etc.)

- Company profile page (For branding and descriptions of client company services to all users of Pocket Trips)

- Content management (Content belonging to organization can be better managed)

- Analytics (Live reporting of on-site quiz performance, media repository, activities update etc.)

What are the Pocket Trips Corporate and School Access Accounts?

The Pocket Trips corporate and school access are specially designed for business owners and educatiors to derive better trails engagement with their users. These accounts also have better built-in functionalities for better content management within individual organization.

Do I need Technical Knowledge to create a mobile trail on Pocket Trips?

No, we use a "What-you-see-is-what-you-get" editor to help you create your stories without the need to know programming!

How do I create my own trail?

After registering an account, login to the homepage and click on the floating crystal ball stating "Create Trip" to start creating your own 'Trip'.

Do I have to pay to create a user account?

No. 'Standard User' account type is free-of-charge.